The next floor goes in

In a similar process to creating the ground floor slab, wooden formers are used to create the shape of the next pour of concrete. The outer ring of reinforced cement is shaped by many pieces of wood, used in place by a multitude of fixings.


Below the wooden structure shapes the steps which will create the access to the lower level. Steel jigs hold the wooden boards together to stop them from separating under the pressure of the concrete.


With everything in place the cement mixer arrives, this is equiped with a pump and a very long delivery arm so it can reach right across the house.

Lorry with an articulated arm delivering cement.

Like before, first the main beams are filled and worked to make sure there is no air in the structure.


With the beams done, the finishing layer can be applied and the whole structure, all the way from the pergola, to the far end of the house is finished in a single layer.




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