Mid December, just before the roof is cast

Been a little while since I posted anything so there has been a lot of progress in the mean time.

Wall construction in wet weather

Conditions deteriorated somewhat after the floor had been cast, but the boys just got on with it. Working in the rain under umbrellas.

Steelwork going in to create the structure of the roof support

The walls went up pretty quickly, and work soon started on forming the roof.

Wooden boards going in to support the casting of cement

Wooden formers were put into place to aid the placing of all the roof beams. Because the house is in an earthquake zone the construction has to be massively strong to resist being shaken apart. One of the main features is a reinforced earth quake ring that sits under the roof, constructed from reinforced steel of a massive size.

Steel beams running the length of the house

Into this ring various elements are added including some of the woodwork.

Wooden inserts set into concrete beams that support the guttering

Wooden formwork supports the central roof beam while side beams are added.

Tiles and steel beams being supported on wooden formers

As the roof structure progresses, the build has to be supported from underneath.

Forest of bracing to hold up the structure of the house before being covered in cement

The interior is going to be very minimalist, but one feature will stand out, it is a massive steel bar that crosses the living room that braces the two sides of the house.

Steel beam which crosses the room half way to brace the sides of the house

With everything nearly in place it is almost time for the final casting of the roof cement.

What the view will look like from the house

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