Been a while but…….

I have the excuse of being ridiculously busy. The builders handed the house over to me about four weeks ago and it has all been a bit mental since then. In order to keep costs down, certain parts of the project are to be done by me, and the part that I am doing now is all of the internal insulation, cutting in around all the windows and openings, cutting conduit for the electrical systems into the walls and ceilings and plastering all the insulated walls and ceilings ready for a final coat which will be done by the boys when they return in two weeks. Thats a lot of work, which is why I have been a bit slack on the blog front.

Anyway here are some pictures.

The outside looks pretty much the same, but some of the finishing work has been happening, here you can see the new stone sills going in prior to the windows being fitted.

And below you can see the outdoor area is built and the recycled stone sills have been cut and put in to make the door frame for the entrance.

We wanted to keep a very minimalist interior and so went for a very unusual design, the roof has no visible structure, but is held together by two massive steel reinforced beams that run along the top of the walls and are held together by a steel rod with a barrel screw in the middle.

The inside is starting to take shape, this shows the walls with the 10cm insulation panels. The walls have so much insulation in them that if you lean against them they start to warm up and it feels like someone left a hot water bottle there.

The insulation panels have to cover all exposed brickwork that is external, the panels are 1 meter long by half a meter wide and are stuck on using a special adhesive cement, holes are drilled through and plastic expanding bolts are driven through the panelsand into the walls and ceiling.

Doing the walls is not too bad, but the ceilings are a very tricky, balancing on top of a ladder holding a panel in the right place while wielding a massive kango hammer drill and sledge hammer are not good for the back,

The electrics are cut into the walls and insulation which can be seen running down the staircase.

Conduit and switch boxes set into the wall for the 2 way light switches.

The panels have to be cut to shape around the door and window openings.

Once the insulation is all in place, then plastic mesh is fixed over all the surfaces and more adhesive cement is plastered over the top, this gives a suitable surface for final plastering.

So, so far downstairs is nearly finished ready for plastering, we have two weeks to finish the insulation, plaster the surfaces and install all the conduit for the electics for upstairs, which is just about doable. The windows are started next week and in two weeks the builders move back in to do the final plastering and external rendering. At the same time the electricians and plumbers move in to fit the central heating and solar water panels.

Once the electrics and plumbing are in place I move back in to fit out the two bathrooms, kitchen and lay all the floors.

Thats all for now.


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