Progress, at last

I feel like things are really starting to move now, since my last post, about six weeks ago a lot has happened.I finished all the internal insulation, got all of the electrical conduits and distribution boxes in, put a base coat of cement on all the walls and ceilings and generally prepared everything for the builders to move back in.

They got stuck into the final plastering and as you can see below things are looking pretty good.

This is from the front door.

And this is from the other end of the room.

This is the main bedroom upstairs, with the equipment room to the right and the ensuite to the left.

The steps going downstairs.

This is the second bedroom, which is a large double.

And this is the other bedroom which is two singles.

And the doorways between the two.

And just to finish off, a nice picture from last weeks walk. Tata for now.



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  1. Well done to you both. Looks like you’ve been busy. Looking at that view its well worth it.
    We miss your banter and your baking John.

    Take care and see you soon. Ciao X

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