Another big lot of changes

Well a lot has happened again in the last few weeks, in my last post we had just got the plastering finished and were moving towards the finishing stages.

The first thing that happened next was all the pipe work and the conduit goes in for the electrics and plumbing. This is all don in a completly different way than in the UK, pipework is done in a single straight run without any joins, and all the electrics are run through plastic pipes. All this is laid across the floor and up the walls in what looks like total confusion.

So the blue ones are for water and the black ones are for electricity.

All the pipes lead into a central manifold in the utility room.

Once everything is in place then the whole lot is covered in two seperate layers of concrete, first a coarse mix then a thin compacted level layer on which we will put the floor tiles.

With the floor in place other stuff can happen, the doors and the windows were completed some time ago and have been in storeage, with the floor in the carpenters can move around without the fear of damaging any electrics and pipes. So all of a sudden we had floors and windows.

This is looking down from the front door.

This is one of the downstairs bedrooms with the door out to the garden.

This is the upstairs bedroom.

And this is the door to the garden.

Putting the windows in has really made a change to the outside of the house.

This is looking up at the kitchen windows.

I have been very busy on preparation for the next stages which will be tilling the upper floor and getting the wood ready for the ground floor. We are trying to use as much material from the old barn as we possibly can. The way things are working out we will actually recycle the entire building. Before the building was knocked down I removed all of the floor planks and beams that were safe to take out without the building collapsing. The floorboards have been in storage for the last year but now it was getting near the time to start work on them. They looked terrible, nails all over the place, woodworm, rotten patches and smelled pretty foul bearing in mind cows had been shitting all over them for about the last three hundred years.  This is probably not an exaggeration, lots of the nails holding the planks down were medieval handmade iron nails which are probably from around the 1700’s.

So I had to thoroughly jet wash and de-nail them, a process that took about two weeks. They were then transported up the road to the local carpenter who put them through his machines to plane them all down to the same thickness. The results are fantastic.

These are now ready to go down, and work will start on this in the next few days.

More soon. Cheers




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